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Fingerstyle Guitar

Lately, I've been taking on a few students, getting my teaching chops back.
It feels like the right time to dive back in. 
I'm not teaching in my home as it's not an ideal scenario, but if you find it convenient,
I will come to
your home. I charge $45 for an hour. If it's a long distance I might charge
a few bucks extra for gas money and time. I'll meet you at your skill level and tastes, and go from there.

I rarely use written music because I don't read well myself, but I can work with chord charts, recordings and lyrics which I can provide. My strength is with fingerpicking patterns, and my ear is very well-developed.
I will help you with various picking patterns and apply them to singing songs or instrumentals of your choosing or by my suggestion.

My own progress as a professional guitarist has mostly been by ear. It's a valid way to learn and many of your favorite players learned this way, but if you prefer or require notation or extensive theory, there are other teachers in Colorado Springs which I can recommend. Most students from my past experience wanted to learn a similar style maybe inspired by my own, and wanted to accompany their voice with guitar, with maybe a little more expression than just strumming. I can help there.

Call or text me at 719-237-9189
or email at:

Here's a few kind words from this community's favorite instructor of acoustic guitar, and the famed Pied Piper
of terrific acoustic music jams,  Charlie Hall (now retired):

"Phil Volan is a mentor of mine.  He earned Second Place in the 2002 National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. He was, at least twice, named Best Musician of the Pikes Peak Region back in the 1990s, and is a very positive guy.  He himself is primarily a fingerstyle player, but he can come across as if heís using a flat pick, and teach it as well.  Truly amazing.  Iíve seen him take at least one person who had never played before, and in some years, sheís playing gigs.  I canít guarantee youíll do that, but heíll work with you at your level and raise it."