phil volan

changing channels

updated: 03/05/10

PhilÂ’s original recording, Changing Channels, features other nationally-known musicians including Sally Van Meter, Connie Dover, Joe Scott and Hank Singer. Click on the underlined titles to hear samples.

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  1. You Listened To Me

  2. Empty Skies

  3. Owl In the Road

  4. Alley Walking

  5. Cathode Ray

  6. Highway 9

  7. Galen and Marliss

  8. The Dancing Crow

  9. Another Nameless Face

  10. Wrapped In Your Love

  11. Little Hercules

  12. Ready For the Times To Get Better

  13. Sea Lullaby

  14. Heartbeat of the Tide

  15. Now I Wonder

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