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Dedicated to all children who have felt the pain of loss

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Every day my colleagues and I see and work with grief at Children's Connection, a program of professional support for medically fragile and grieving children and teens, their families, schools and community. Almost a year ago, as I did a survey of our resources for kids, it occurred to me that something was missing. Music. Music speaks when no one else can. Music builds a bridge when pain, anger and sadness isolate a child or an adult. We had many places to use music - in support groups, in our take-home Bear Bags for children, in individual therapy, in family therapy and in schools. But we had no music to use. So we contacted a very talented singer-songwriter in our region, Phil Volan, to share this need. And this recording is the result. We hope it will be a companion during those dark times after a great loss, a soothing voice to let the grieving know they'll make it through and that they are not alone.

Connie Patterson, MA., M.Ed., LPC
Manager of Children's Connection
Pikes peak Hospice Inc.

A Note from Phil Volan

It has been an honor and a joy for me to put together the music and lyrics for Together We Can Heal. At first, my own fear of dying or losing a loved one kept me from plunging into the songs, but in a surprising way, my limited research and experience began to inspire me as I observed the range of feelings, depths of spirit and compassion inherent in people when confronted with death. It was not at all depressing like I expected it might be. In fact, the process of writing these songs was uplifting and joyous. Thanks to the Pikes Peak Hospice family for seeing the need and facilitating the production of this project as there seems to be no other quite like it.
Heartfelt appreciation to Steve and Anneliesa Barta for their guidance and creativity in co-writing and producing this recording; our friends and acquaintances who shared their ideas and resources; and the musicians who gave their time and talents to a great cause.

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